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Biological Science GRE Waiver Request

Applicant Information
GRE Waiver Request
The GRE admission requirement will be waived for select, outstanding students who meet at least one of the key criteria for demonstrating Success and Aptitude for Research plus at least one of the key criteria demonstrating Academic Preparation.  These criteria are as follows:
Academic Preparation
Academic Preparation
Success and Aptitude for Research
Success and Aptitude for Research
*Examples of relevant fields include, but are not limited to, biology, biochemistry, chemistry, neuroscience, environmental science, computer science, paleontology, physics and geography
Required Document to Upload

Additionally, you must upload a copy of your Unofficial Transcripts and a Resume/CV to your application status page in order to be considered for a GRE waiver.
Applicants will be contacted via email with a decision on the waiver request after department review. Approval of the GRE Waiver Request does not guarantee admission to the programProspective students must still submit and complete a Graduate Application and meet all university and department admissions requirements to be considered for admission.